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Becoming My Full Self in the Classroom

"You don't read this many rejection letters for a decade and come out of it with all your confidence in tact. But I truly believe that the struggle was worth it. Many years of trying to be what bosses, donors, co-workers, and students wanted me to be taught me a lot about what it means to be my full self."

Growth Mindset and Bootstraps

The New Bootstraps: Are we blaming kids for their own hardship?

The first time I heard someone talk about "grit" and growth mindset in education, it was at the STEM Think Tank and Conference, a 3-day conference about the unique challenges and opportunities in teaching girls about science and technology. The speaker was an administrator and researcher at a prestigious, private, K-12 girls' school in suburban … Continue reading The New Bootstraps: Are we blaming kids for their own hardship?

I’m Big and BEAUTIFUL: Body Positive Parenting

Anyone who has raised a child knows what I mean when I say my daughter is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. Just the thought of her growing up thinking "I'm ugly" makes me tear up. And the fact that little girls are having negative body images at younger and younger ages is frightening to me. So from the moment I knew I was pregnant, I've been intentional about body-positive parenting.