Childcare is a Revolutionary Act

Over the past year or so, a lot of white friends have asked me, “I'm ready to be more than an ally, but I also don't want to encroach on black liberation spaces. How can I support the movement?” My best answer (besides, “Ask your black-led organizations what they need from you”) is offer to … Continue reading Childcare is a Revolutionary Act


The Day I Knew I Couldn’t Leave

All through my high school and college years -- and even as a 24-year-old educator! -- older adults told me that the older I got, the more moderate I'd become. I'd give up on my radical politics and mellow out and invest in the stock market and not get so hyped up about trivial things like wars. Yeah, not so much...

This Is “Only a Test”

On Wednesday, I will take a high-stakes, state-mandated, standardized test for the first time in nearly fifteen years. The state of TN requires that every pre-service teacher take multiple Praxis exams before we can get certified, and so I've been preparing myself for this week's Teaching Reading test. It will be the first of two, … Continue reading This Is “Only a Test”