Learning Liberation is a progressive, leftist political take on the Education/Early Childhood/Mommy blog. This is a home for teachers, child caregivers, activists, youth, and anyone else who wants our children to grow up in a world where their lives and safety matter, where meaningful learning happens in and out of school, where justice is more important than punishment, where “making a living” isn’t about earning wages, and where every body is free.

This is a blog for the caregivers of future revolutionaries.

Here at LearningLiberation, we strive to be…

  • Intersectional and inclusive
  • Feminist
  • Pro-black
  • Queer
  • Anarcho-socialist and anti-capitalist
  • Body positive
  • Sex positive
  • Pro-choice and pro-abortion
  • Pro-disability rights
  • Pro-youth rights
  • Anti-stigma
  • Non-religious
  • Pro-science

As such, we don’t fuck around with:

  • White supremacy
  • Misogyny (that includes transmisogyny)
  • Heterosexism or homophobia
  • Ableism
  • Ageism
  • Slut or sex-shaming
  • Fat shaming
  • Islamophobia or other religious bigotry
  • Anti-choice anything
  • Stigmatizing mental illness or its treatment

These things are not debatable, because I prioritize the emotional safety of marginalized people over some misogynist white supremacist’s desire to argue. I do welcome principled discussion from readers who are excited to add to the conversation, though, so don’t be a stranger! And if I mess up, I hope you’ll “call me in,” cuz we can only win our liberation if we work collectively.

Let’s get free, y’all!


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