Welcome to Learning Liberation, a progressive, leftist take on the traditional Education/Early Childhood/Mommy blog! I decided to create this blog after realizing that while there are hundreds (thousands?) of wonderful parenting and education blogs that are out there, almost none of them tackle my biggest priority as a caretaker for children:

How do we parent, teach, and support a generation that values compassion, justice, equity, stewardship, learning, and solidarity in a society plagued by judgment, punishment, inequality, consumerism, ignorance, and alienation?

Or, to put it another way: How do we raise #BlackLivesMatter kids in the face of a rising Alt-Right?  (Aaaaaaaand cue the hate messages)

If we teachers, parents, and caregivers want the next generation of young folks to work collectively in the struggle for liberation, we have to help them in every way we can — in the home, in the classroom, and in the government. That’s what this blog is about. Every Tuesday (as long as I can swing it, cuz I’m also a full-time M.Ed. student working on her thesis and a stay-at-home-mom), there will be a new post about parenting practices, teaching strategies, and education policies that influence us in our quest for Liberation. I hope you’ll join me!

Right now, as I get the hang of this blogging thing, it might be a little “bare bones” around here. I don’t have any big giveaways to bribe readers (I honestly struggle to imagine what kind of sponsorship this blog would ever get, haha), or even an e-book, and I’m not in this to make any money. That cool stuff may happen eventually, but for now, I’m most excited to meet some cool, progressive folks and give us all a space to be in community.

So! Let’s get free, y’all!


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